Monday, January 29, 2018

Comedian Monique Being Blacklisted In Hollywood ?

Being labeled thee comedy queen diva may come with a hefty price in the entertainment world as now there are insiders saying that comedian Monique may no longer be welcome in Hollywood! That's the word on the curb. #PressPlay 

Lookout For More Mj Live Show Blog and show updates ! Its going to be a very exciting year as International Social Media Personality Mary Jane Collins takes on the topics that are being discussed around the world with her blogtalk radio series . Mj has also been invited to appear on several upcoming shows with some of her very own friends in the music and filmmaker businesses. Drop your email in the comment section for  digital alerts about all the upcoming shows !!!! #MjLivePeople #TheMjLiveShowUpdates 

Jawn Murray comes for comedian Monique after her Netflix rant !

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Snoop Dogg Has Seen The Light !

West Coast Rapper and curator
of the Gin And Juice lifestyle and now cooking partner to Martha Stewart  just dropped a studio album about a week ago entitled 'Neva Left'  ( Which is slamming FYI) is setting his recording sites on creating a gospel album. Yes your read that right and your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The doggfather wants to record an all gospel album with collaborations that will include singer and the widow of Biggie Smalls (Notorious BIG ) Faith Evans and Charli Wilson who has worked on many of Snoop's albums in the past. This ought to be very interesting. We are so used to Snoop being 100 percent gangstas. But even the toughest gangstas pray right ? In the words of Snoop Dogg, .. Church 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trailers anyone? The Making Of Kong: Skull Island

Omg I am such a fan of Sci Fi and just CGI pictures like this all together. I know you all are gonna enjoy this also. Who wouldn't King Kong is a legend ! The entire movie drops in March , I wish it were sooner but hey I don't make the rules . Check out the trailer in the link below . The video that I have dropped on the blog is from the making of the vehicle that is used to put you in the front row for some action packed scenes  courtesy of Skull Island  #PressPlay . It's freaking amazing 
check it out !

Friday, January 13, 2017

I have a new social media project up under my belt I would like to introduce my faithful Breaking Headline blog readers to.

It's a Narrative film called Monsters.

It takes a personal look at the life of several people suffering from mental illness's. I have always heard of such subjects and even know a few people that may suffer from a couple of issues but never in a million years would I have thought to capture it in the way that Amanda Chere McKeehan has.

The film is being produced by Taishi Studios titled Monsters and is being filmed  in Kansas City .

 This well thought out film dive's into the minds of madness vs split personalities .

The  director's and writers of Monsters are definitely thinking outside the box. How refreshing is that !!

  I will post the link to the Indigogo Campaign on my twitter.   (@MsMaryJanePr ) Just in case you have ever had the dream to help fund a film or somehow become apart of greatness. Or hit me up and keep up with Monsters.  You won't regret it ! You can also find out more info from on Taishi Studios Instagram which I happen to take over sometimes . Exciting isn't it!