Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miley Cyrus hospitalized due to severe allergic reactions

Miley Cyrus  may have came down with a bug due to her busy touring schedule.  News is in that she 
 Had to cancel her kansas City Sprint Center appearance . Stay tuned for more details #MjLiveBlogSpot

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Music Anyone ? Drake - Worst Behavior

Music Anyone ? Jhené Aiko - The Worst (Explicit)

Music Anyone? Justin Bieber - Confident ft. Chance The Rapper

Betty Wright has nothing but glowing words for the “U.O.E.NO” rapper Rick Ross.

Betty WrightIn an exclusive interview with theGrio.com, Wright, who is featured on “Sanctified,” a single from Ross’ latest album Mastermind also featuring Kanye West, the “Tonight is the Night” singer said that she is not in a position to judge rappers today for their content.Ross has become a polarizing figure in music today. People either love him or they hate him. What were your first impressions?
Well, first of all, he is a genius….He’s got an incredible tonality to his voice. He has an incredible memory. He listened to the song that we did on my album called “Bodyguard,” just listened one time and said, “I’m ready. Come on big homie, let’s go.” And he just went in! He went in and he rememberedeverything…. He got a little frightened though because I told him I wanted him to sing on my record. He was like, Ah, no ma, I don’t sing!” (Laughs) But he’s definitely a big personality. He’s very well mannered.
How has the reception of “Sanctified” been so far for you?
You know, I’m sure it’s controversial and I’m sure people are saying I fell and bumped my head. But see, what they don’t know is God uses simple things to confound the wise. I have people on Twitter saying they hadn’t really thought about how the blood of Jesus washes away sins. They hadn’t thought about the things that Kanye is saying until this record came out. [The song] put them in a spiritual mindset, so that’s a beautiful thing.
You’re a religious woman and a lot your background is in gospel music. How do you feel about the lyrical content of the song — all the talk of groupies and chasing money .
I hear young people on this record saying, “Are you going to help me Lord? Because listen, every time I try to do right, there’s always some woman in the lobby waiting on me, trying to get established. They want to get famous off of just being with me. And I’m trying, but boy I’ve got demons.” [When Kanye] says, “Lord, you sent me a message saying I’m too aggressive. Me? I’m too aggressive?” he’s talking to God. They’re not doing anything that we don’t do in prayer; they’re just doing it in their way. Can I tell a man how to talk to God? That’s a one-on-one, baby.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Erica Badu is set to become a fashion Icon

Givenchy  designers went after none other than the one and only afro centric soul singer Erica Badu to show off their 2014 line of clothing . This is a stretch for the singer because everyone who doesn't live under a rock knows the singer is not into designer names . Erica is more of a natural type diva but we must admit that it is refreshing to see the singer in some hot duds other than her own creative designs . We will keep you updated on all things Badu !!! Stay Tuned !!!

In a sit down with Rap Radar`s Elliot Wilson , Lil Wayne speaks about being ready to leave music , or at least be done with The Carter Series

Thursday, March 6, 2014

UPDATE !!!!!! DNA TEST ARE IN!!!! Could This Possibly Be Michael Jackson`s Long Lost Son ?? Yes it is!!!!

Word on the streets is that Michael Jackson has a 31-year-old son --and the man plans to go public with what is believed is concrete DNA evidence.

Brandon Howard is the son of singer Miki Howard whom Joe Jackson managed back in the 80s.

Miki and MJ met in 1982 and Brandon was born soon after. Well as of today DNA test has proved that he is indeed Michael Jackson`s son !!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Wow.com right.

Brandon  now lives in Miami.  He's also a entertainer who goes by the stage name, B Howard.  As far as his success he has made a appearance on a new song  with Akon .

B Howard is positive that he is MJ's son and he stands by his claims that he somehow acquired DNA .

Once the DNA results are revealed, he plans to go after the MJ Estate for money.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman stated  "We've never even heard from him," adding, "Any deadline for claiming to be Michael's child has long since passed."

Monday, January 13, 2014

Kanye West Plans Honeymoon In Space .

Kanye West might have experimented with sci-fi imagery for some of his music videos, but it looks as if he’s now set to make his interstellar ambitions a reality. The rapper who some would consider to have a volatile motormouth is considering a bit of space tourism for his honeymoon with reality TV “star” fiance and baby Moms, Kim Kardashian. Sources that spoke with West said that the rapper has been fixated with the idea for some time, and finally brought Kardashian around to his idea. The trip will be made on the CSS Skywalker, an inflatable space station that is due to float 250 miles above the earth come 2015. The exact details haven’t yet been finalized, but the rumored price will be a mammoth $1 million per night . How else would the biggest rapper in the world have it ?

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