Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jay Z just gained his 100th Problem -Solange -----》》A breakdown of the events taking place before and after tne ferocious attack Solange

No one reallys knows what set Solange off to make her go super sayan on her brother n law famous rapper Jay z that night but her is a breakdown of events. #BreakingHeadlines 

Beyonce suprises Solange at Coachella during her performance .

Solange and her brother law Jay z back in the day , they look completely fine , no beef here . 

Tmz mysteriously obtains footage of the ferocious attack caught on camera from Hotel Standard who claims they are I  the process of finding out who leaked the explosive footage.
 After the attack , which footage was not released for a full week , Beyonce and Solange flew to Cosat rica for Kelly Rowland's secret wedding .
 Beyonce leaves the Hotel with her Solange after the "attack".
 Supposedly a deleted tweet from Solange shortly after the brawl , now deleted from tbe singers twitter account.
 The internet almost broke completely in half when memes and twitter went in with conspiracy theories on why Solange attacked Jay Z.
 Beyonce and Jay suprise fans and the media by showing up to the Brooklyn game last night after the footage of the attack was leaked , looking completely normal , but a little shaken up.
 If wall's could talk , leaving the elevator and into the awaiting cars , Jay z and Solange faces tell us something is not right , Beyonce smiles for the cameras.
Happier days -Destiny's Child.

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