Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monica Lewinsky Corrects Beyonce's Raunchy "Partition" Lyrical Tribute to Bill Clinton Affair, Talks Hillary Clinton #UsWeekly

Infamous former White House intern Monica Lewinsky wants to teach Beyonce a lesson grammar. In her eye-opening essay for June's Vanity Fair, President Bill Clinton's former intern-mistress, now 40, acknowledges her worldwide infamy and unique place in pop culture. Lewinsky says she gets recognized on a daily basis—and, yes, she has heard Beyonce's nearly X-rated raunchy recent hit,"Partition." That track, from Beyonce's titular fifth album, all about a woman having sex with her man in the backseat of a chauffeur-driven car, includes the instantly iconic lyric "He Monica Lewinsky'd all over my gown." (That, of course, references a blue dress worn by Lewinsky featuring a semen stain left by her lover Clinton, now 67.)

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