Friday, January 13, 2017

I have a new social media project up under my belt I would like to introduce my faithful Breaking Headline blog readers to.

It's a Narrative film called Monsters.

It takes a personal look at the life of several people suffering from mental illness's. I have always heard of such subjects and even know a few people that may suffer from a couple of issues but never in a million years would I have thought to capture it in the way that Amanda Chere McKeehan has.

The film is being produced by Taishi Studios titled Monsters and is being filmed  in Kansas City .

 This well thought out film dive's into the minds of madness vs split personalities .

The  director's and writers of Monsters are definitely thinking outside the box. How refreshing is that !!

  I will post the link to the Indigogo Campaign on my twitter.   (@MsMaryJanePr ) Just in case you have ever had the dream to help fund a film or somehow become apart of greatness. Or hit me up and keep up with Monsters.  You won't regret it ! You can also find out more info from on Taishi Studios Instagram which I happen to take over sometimes . Exciting isn't it!

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